Our Team

Our Team

Maddu Kunal Rao

Passionate to build the capacities of professionals and students to apply geospatial skills for problem solving in the real world. Conducting research activities on the river basin of North East India. Kunal has been in the geospatial industry since the last 7 years working on different spatial data with various govt and private stakeholders.

Pawan Muddu

Pawan's expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is unmatched, having worked with prominent multi-national companies. Pawan's impressive collection of academic certifications, as well as his numerous awards for his exceptional skills in Extra Curricular activities, seeking to leverage the power of GIS to achieve it's goals.

Chiranjeeb Konwar

Masters in Science (Geoinformatics) from Bangalore University, Chiranjeeb Konwar is a skilled GIS professional having a passion for spatial analysis and data Visualization. With a solid background in Geography (B.Sc. Geography (Tsk College)), he possesses understanding of geospatial concepts and the ability to apply them to real-world problems.

Joydeep Ghosh

He is a coder, a creator, a solver, a teacher. With more than 12 years of computer experience and proficiency in multiple programming languages and GIS applications, he has designed and delivered multiple courses on GIS, a powerful tool for spatial analysis and decision making. He is a GIS enthusiast trainer who is always passionate about GIS education and innovation. He aims to inspire the next generation of geospatial professionals.