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ISO 9001:2015 Certified Premium GIS training and Research institute in the Northeast India.

Our mission is to make GIS education and research applications accessible and affordable to the global community, with a special focus on equipping and promoting women in the geospatial technology domain. The foundation offers a variety of GIS courses, both online and in-person, including a Post Graduate Diploma in GIS and Remote Sensing, Certificate Programs in GIS and Remote Sensing, Geoinformatics Technology, Drone Mapping, Digitizing, and DGPS Service Workshops. We also conduct research projects partnering with the government and civil society organizations, with a key emphasis on the geographical issues of Northeast India. The foundation’s work has been used to address a variety of challenges, including climate change, disaster management, natural resource management, and sustainable development. Recognized Globally as a highly respected organization in the geospatial community. It is known for its high-quality training, innovative research, and commitment to social impact, playing a leading role in advancing geospatial education, research, and innovation.

GRED Foundation is a valuable asset to the geospatial community and to the Northeast India region.
To promote education, skill development, personalized educational growth along with updated GIS Technologies.

Vision : To carry forward the teachings and learnings of geography to the real dimension, craved a path to this venture of contributing the geospatial skillset for the better world. 

Mission : To Deliver Premium Quality Training and Education in the field of Geospatial-Sciences and Advanced Research

Maddu Kunal Rao

Founder, CEO

Geospatial World 50 Rising Star,2023

Founder’s Message

Our Foundation addresses the geospatial industry’s need for a trained workforce in India and with the liberalized guidelines for acquiring geospatial data, we are poised to nurture spatial thinking and work in collaboration with the current industry standards.”

We Are Here For You

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Pawan Muddu

Expert Global Lead Mapper

Joydeep Ghosh

Classic Cartographer

Chiranjeeb Konwar

Dynamic Visualizer

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We aim to foster individuals to understand the significance of life-skills in-today’s fast faced employment ecosystem.

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